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Love your neighbor exists to build relationships through fun, friendship and service, helping your neighbor find and follow Jesus Christ.

About Love Your Neighbor

Do you know the names of the people who live around you? The people living next door, across the street, and behind you. When you see them, would you be able to say hello and call them by their name?
Often life gets in the way…we are busy with work, sports, volunteer activities, other commitments and we simply don’t have the margin to be intentional with those who live in proximity to us.
Good neighboring begins creating margin to really see people, learn their names, and share meals together. As we engage with those who live closest to us, we have the unique opportunity to turn strangers, into acquaintances, and maybe even friends.
We believe God is leading us to become better neighbors and engage people where we live…right next door.

Join the Love Your Neighbor Movement today!  Do you know your neighbors?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Love Your Neighbor?
Loving your neighbor was a big deal to Jesus. As a matter of fact, he boiled the whole Bible down to one Great Commandment: Love God with everything you’ve got and love your neighbor as yourself. At Mercy Church, we are on mission to help people find and follow Jesus as we go about our everyday lives in our everyday places—especially the places we live.

What if I don’t live in a “typical” neighborhood?
You don’t have to live in a neighborhood to be a neighbor. Neighbors are the people you live near. It may be a street, block or subdivision, but it might also be:
  • An apartment or condominium
  • The area surrounding your school
  • Houses along your stretch of road
  • A nearby park
  • Contextualize the Love Your Neighbor movement for where you live by considering the personality of your neighborhood (young families, retirees, HOA involvement with activities already planned, etc.).

How will I know if Love Your Neighbor  is successful?
You will know you’re on the right track when you begin to experience more meaningful relationships and your neighbors look to you—the hands and feet of Jesus—for help and hope.

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