Get to know us.

 Solomon Ivey
Ministry Role: Creative Arts & Worship Pastor
Dream vacation: Cancun, Mexico or a trip to Australia
Regular order at Starbucks: Caramel Macchiato
Favorite movie: Anything Marvel
Favorite scripture: Psalm 27:1 TPT or MSG
One thing that most people don’t know about me: I come from a very large family
Biggest fear: Spiders/Snakes
Least favorite thing to do: Wash dishes. I hate it!
Hidden talent: I can curl my tongue
Favorite book: How to Worship a King, Zach Neese
Favorite TV shows: Changes every year, but right now it is The Mandalorian on Disney+
People who inspire me: Steven Furtick & Sion Alford
Most embarrassing thing you’ve done for Jesus: I was leading worship for a small youth group, a kid grabbed another kids hand and made him hit himself during worship. I sang my line, went around my mic and yelled “you stop it right now”, then went back to signing without missing a beat. Not my proudest moment HAHA!
Amy Ivey
Ministry Role: Worship Pastor
Dream vacation: Italy & Hawaii
Regular order at Starbucks:  White Chocolate Mocha & Iced Matcha Green tea latte
Favorite movie: Disney Movies
Favorite scripture: Psalm 46:5
One thing most people don’t know about me: English is my second language
Biggest fear: Roaches
Least favorite thing to do: Folding Laundry
Hidden talent: Photography
Favorite book: Everybody Always- Bob Goff
Favorite TV shows: This is us
People who inspire me: My dad
Most embarrassing thing you’ve done for Jesus: I was playing bass during a Sunday morning service and I forgot to unplug my nears from my aviom system, I pulled it across the stage as I walked off.....