Get to know us.

Daniel Keeling
Ministry Role: Children’s Pastor/ Daycare Director
Dream vacation : All inclusive beach resort or cruise
Regular order at Starbucks: 3 shot espresso Caramel frap
Favorite movie: Avatar
Favorite scripture: Changes every month
One thing that most people don’t know about me: I like working out
Biggest fear: Spiders
Least favorite thing to do: Laundry
Hidden talent: I have no idea
Favorite book: Speaker of the Dead
Favorite TV shows: Cartoons
Most embarrassing thing you’ve done for Jesus: Stood on a rock and preached to a crowd. (It was terrible)
Meagan Keeling
Ministry Role: Children's Pastor/Daycare Director
Dream Vacation: On a beach somewhere
Starbucks: Blonde Americano
Favorite Movie: Walk to Remember
Favorite Scripture: Numbers 6:24-26
Biggest Fear: Snakes
Least Favorite Thing to Do: Read Books
Hidden Talent: Organization
Favorite Book: None
Favorite TV Show: 911
Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Done for Jesus: ???